Reviewing Making Real Estate Fun on iTunes helps us grow our listener base by appearing on iTunes and noteworthy list. We will be raffling off Sox and Cubs at our launch party on May 31, 2017 located at Alter Brewing Company. Click here for more event details and to RVSP.


Step One:

Click here and iTunes will open automatically (assuming you have it installed).   If you do not already have iTunes, you can download it here.  (Even if you never use iTunes for anything else, it only takes about a minute and it will really help us out!  If the link does not open iTunes, you will have to click “View in iTunes” and open the application (not just the webpage) in order to leave a written review.


Step Two:

Once iTunes is open and you’re on the Making Real Estate Fun Podcast page, click the “Ratings and Reviews” tab.


Step Three:

Click the “Write a Review” button and write a sentence or two about what you enjoy about the podcast, your favorite episodes, and whatever you would tell a friend that was considering a listen.  Please be sure to download some episodes as well, since that helps our rating too!